Friday, April 26, 2013

Elementary Arithmetic- Single Digit Addition

Addition is a mathematical operation that represents the total amount of objects together in a collection. This is the fundamental arithmetic operation which kids should master during their initial stages of learning. We are introducing a series of worksheets which would help kids learn math with interest and enthusiasm. The intention of these worksheets would be to add to their learning experience by introducing fun and challenges to the young minds which would help them learn and master the fundamentals of mathematics with ease.

The first of this series for Grade 1 students are the Addition Worksheets. In this section, we have included a number of Printable Worksheets that should help out the students who are beginning their life of learning. The learning starts with Single Digit Addition, introducing the child through Picture Addition and moving to the more interesting Picture Matching, Decoding and Fun Addition. Kids will have some fun while learning addition with these sets of Addition Worksheets.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Number and Number Names upto 10

Recognizing the numerals and pronouncing their names should be done at an early age to make the student comfortable in learning things further. Here are a series of worksheets which enables the students learn the numbers and the number names in a fun filled environment.

Chapter 1: Numbers and Number Names

Chapter 2: Number Matching

Chapter 3: Number Comparison 1

Chapter 4: Number Comparison 2

Chapter 5: Ascending and Descending Numbers

Chapter 7: Activity

Chapter 8: Self Evaluation Test

More Worksheets from this series

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