Friday, May 24, 2013

Scary Math? Make it Fun Filled Math

Mathematics, Maths...these are the names which most of the kids are always scared of and  this scare of maths is more or less accepted by society, which includes the parents. There is also a global acceptance that those who are blessed with Mathematical skills are geniuses. The society  I think, is trying to induce this thought to the minds of children starting at an early age. This really adds up to the entire myth of mathematics being a tough subject.

Math Myth Busted

Mathematics, however can be learned and mastered by anyone who have some analytic and creative thinking. This just takes the same effort as one takes to learn English, Physics, Chemistry or other sciences. The students would find it all the more interesting if they are moulded to take up the maths world from the beginning. Anyone can learn maths, whether they are in the good at it or are just looking at to brush up the fundamentals.

Learning math can be a discouraging process when you do not have the right tools or the right materials. This would really add up if you grew up believing that math is hard and that you will never understand it. The first thing about learning maths, and for that matter any subject, is to take a positive attitude while learning. To bring the positive attitude among students, when they start off at the primary level is to induce in them a habit of practicing. Practice makes you perfect. There is no task in this world which cannot be improved and improvement is certainly to follow practice.

Math, Simple Math, Easy Math

Math is like a pyramid. It requires a strong foundation for understanding and master the higher level. To facilitate this, we have created a set of Grade 1 Worksheets. These are sure to help the child start learning in a fun filled way. The fun learning would start with identifying and mastering the Numbers and Number Names and would continue with Addition and Subtraction. Watch these sections for more.

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