Thursday, May 9, 2013

Single Digit Addition

Here is a list of all printable worksheets which can aid Grade 1 students to practice and master addition. Practicing is the best way of gaining expertise in any skill and basic addition is one of the fundamental skills required to be mastered by this growing students. To start practicing, just click on one of the links.The page would open in a new window and can be printed for using. Please make sure to provide your valuable feedback/comments so that we can keep improving.


Chapter 1: Picture Addition

Chapter 2: Addition statement

Chapter 3: Picture matching

Chapter 4: Vertical addition

Chapter 5: Vertical addition using 3 numbers

Chapter 6: Decode and add

Chapter 7: Horizontal addition

Chapter 8: Adding fun

Chapter 9: Make number with addition

Chapter 10: Number line addition

Chapter 11: A number more than


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