Thursday, July 17, 2014


Multiplication is repeated addition. Multiplication is denoted by the symbol 'X'. Now a days multiplication is taught by using the Grouping Method. In this method, Two (2) Groups of Five (5) each can be written as

2 x 5 = 10

Here, Two (2) is called the Multiplicand and Five (5) is called the Multiplier and Ten (10) is called as the Product. In other words, the number to be Multiplied is called the "Multiplicand", while the number of multiples is called the "Multiplier".

Lesson 1 - 5 explains grouping and number of items in each group
Lesson 6-10 explains how to group the items
Lesson 10- 15 explains how to write multiplication and addition statements
Lesson 15-20 explains number line multiplication

* Watch this page for the updated worksheets

After completing all these lessons children will be able to do normal multiplication

Multiplication Tables Upto 10


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