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Primary education always plays a major role in the upbringing of the child and this is the time the child has to develop a strong foundation for the future. The purpose of this blog is for helping the parents in preparing the children to gain expertise in the basics of Mathematics and analytic thinking. This site covers a wide variety of questions and practice worksheets which would help them promote the mathematical understanding, knowledge and skills.

I always liked mathematics right from my school days and went ahead to take a bachelors degree in Mathematics. I wanted to pursue my masters in Statistics or Mathematics but went along with the more popular Computers and took a Masters in Information Technology thinking of the job prospects. After my post graduation, I got a job in a Scheduled Bank and continued there for 4 years till our daughter was born. I resigned the job, thinking of taking a break, and became a full time Home maker. Sitting idle at home was becoming all the more difficult when my daughter started her school.

The idea of this blog came up when my daughter started the fundamentals of Mathematics at her school. I started preparing these worksheets to make her practice from home during her free times. She also responded quite well and showed great interest in completing these worksheets. Thus formed the blog, Worksheet WizKid on April 2013 with the first two chapters in Single Digit addition for Grade 1 students. This was my first blogging experience.

As of Jan 2014, I have posted around 150 different chapters under 13 different topics. I am hoping to continue on this and add more topics and extend the current topics grade wise. Would appreciate the feedback from all of you on the contents and on the topics.

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Akhila V

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